Stories by SAMI LAIS

  • Spectrum adds tools for Cisco devices

    Four months after spinning off from Cabletron Systems, Spectrum last week announced several new management modules for network hardware from Cisco Systems. Spectrum tools have long been used in multivendor environments, and the New Hampshire-based company claims to manage hardware from 140 vendors.

  • CA/IBM partner on OS/390 e-business

    Computer Associates International and IBM last week announced a collaboration in pricing, software-package development and support for the IBM OS/390 platform. The two companies are betting that 'OS/390 will become the e-business server of choice', said David Carlucci, general manager for the S/390 division at IBM.

  • VIEing for e-business success

    Learn to love chaos, to thrive on that heart-in-the-throat feeling you get just before you fall, and you're on the road to the virtually integrated enterprise (VIE) model that GartnerGroup says will be the hallmark of the successful e-business.

  • CA and CSC sign truce, renew ties

    Computer Associates International and Computer Sciences Corp (CSC) publicly buried the hatchet last week, calling off pending lawsuits against each other and announcing an expansion of their global software licensing agreement.

  • Cabletron Systems spins off software unit

    Cabletron Systems last week cut many of the ties that bound its software and hardware divisions by spinning off the unit that develops its Spectrum network management software.