Stories by Network World staff

  • The state of network security

    Network security is still as necessary as it was 15 years ago when the Black Hat Conference was first beginning. Sure the players have changed and the sophistication, but it is a classic good vs. evil scenario still.

  • Deep dive into Office 2013

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made an off-handed remark in calling Office 2013 "magical," a comment often cited of Apple products. But this time around it seems Microsoft got some stuff right, according to testers.

  • Is Cisco getting squeezed by SDNs?

    The latest buzzword in the tech industry is undoubtedly software-defined networking. SDNs are touted as being able to extend virtual LANs, create security zones as well as establish Bring Your Own Device policies.

  • Global economic woes slow IT spending

    IT budgets are expected to increase an average of only 3 percent this year, down from 6 percent reported last year, according to CIOmagazine’s latest Tech Poll of 200 IT leaders. The survey, conducted in April, showed that budget increases are in store for nearly half of CIOs, up from 32 percent roughly 9 months ago. Just one in five CIOs anticipate IT budget cuts. There is also a big shift underway in terms of where IT spending is being targeted. CIOs are increasing spending on outsourced IT services, including cloud, plus mobile/wireless and applications. To see the full survey results, register here.

  • Securing mixed cloud environments

    Securing cloud computing environments is challenging enough, but is made all the more complicated when a mix of cloud options are employed, an approach that will become increasingly common.

  • Privacy advocates fear CISPA

    Privacy advocates are riled up after the recent passing of the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act by the House, which occurred despite opposition from privacy advocates, lawmakers and the White House.

  • Survey: BYOD sparks enterprise investment in Unified Communication and Collaboration

    The 2012 IDG Enterprise Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) survey was completed with the goal of gaining a better understanding of current and future UC&C investments. The survey highlights the uptick in UC&C adoption and investments in the coming three years — specifically in enterprise organizations — demonstrating the value organizations place on technologies that enable consistent and connected communications between employees, customers and partners. 

  • How Android stacks up

    Android device activations have skyrocketed lately, and now average around 850,000 a day. That's quite a leap from the first quarter of 2010, when Android activations were averaging a mere 65,000 per day. Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system in the world, as research firm Gartner reported late last year that Android devices accounted for more than half of all smartphones sold worldwide in the third quarter of 2011. 

  • Guide to Windows 8

    It seems every day there is something new to report on Windows 8 and so far the reviews have been positive. But the Microsoft operating system is far from ready to be put out in the wild.