Stories by Melissa Solomon

  • US ATTACK: IT community steps up to volunteer

    First there was shock. Then panic. Then grief. Then action. As relief workers looked for survivors amid the rubble from Tuesday's terrorist attacks, the IT community came together by the thousands to help rebuild the New York businesses that literally crumbled to the ground.

  • Energizing the troops

    It's early February, and throughout PG&E's San Francisco headquarters, there's a general sense of shell shock, says CIO Roger Gray. "A few weeks ago, we hit rock bottom," he says, reflecting on California's energy crisis and Pacific Gas and Electric Co.'s financial woes.

  • Look who's gaining

    For the past few years, traditional industry leaders have been trashed by little start-ups headed by lightning-quick wunderkinds. Corporations saddled down with bureaucracy can't keep pace with today's market, the freewheeling New Economy players snickered as their market valuations soared.