Stories by Sandy Cremorne


    A Tabloid exclusive investigation has revealed a plot by one of Australia's biggest retail chains to derail the bundled PC/Internet - so-called cheap PC - business. A routine investigation into one of the more interesting aspects of the channel business in 1999 has led Tabloid to expose what some would describe as a machiavellian scheme by none other than Harvey Norman to put an end to the `cheap PC and Internet bundles'. And in doing so, it continues to retain some control over the future of PC retailing, without recourse to subsidisation.

  • Tabloid: Kmart Klanger

    When you go shopping at mass merchandising giant Kmart, and the goods are displayed with a "25% discount" sign over them, you had better read the fine print.

  • Tabloid: HP gets hip

    So Hewlett-Packard, the grand-daddy of Silicon Valley, is to make a play for the e-commerce market. And its announcement of a slew of new Internet services has some of the older industry pundits shaking their heads. But HP has been feeling plenty spry lately.