Stories by Sandy Cremorne

  • Channel Royale with cheese

    So who is the well-known Australian channel identity whose recent escapade in the land of Pulp Fiction could be the basis for the next movie thriller?

  • 'President_Clinton' wants more Net porn

    US President Bill Clinton may have second thoughts the next time he is invited to an online interview after a chat participant last week managed to hijack the name President_Clinton, and make comments that appeared to be from Bill himself.


    Turmoil is brewing just below the surface of the channel as frustrated and margin-starved resellers wonder how they can make money on antivirus software.


    Charged with unexpectedly strong financial results for 1999, local Compaq managing director Ian Penman went into media overdrive last week. And in an interview with ARN (page 1), the Compaq boss was full of praise for his Australian channel, while slinging off at that doyen of direct, Dell.

  • Small fish upsets the pond

    Somewhere around 5000 business and consumer subscribers to Melbourne-based family-run ISP Smarter Way had their service disrupted on new year's eve thanks to a decision by Telstra to pull the plug.


    In what has been dubbed `Packer's List', the biggest known data warehouse of its type in Australia, is getting its finishing touches. And if you've ever given your name to a financial organisation, a retailer, post office or just the electoral office, you're most likely on Packer's List.

  • Santa slayers fire Salvos

    Tabloid does not want to make a habit of warm fuzzy stuff like this but . . . some nice people at some nice companies are trying to do something, well, nice. You just have to go to a Web site and get your plastic ready to `HelpOut' the Salvos to help out a kid for Christmas.' A network company, a disty, a marketing mob, a publisher and a toy company who are too nice too want to be named here are trying to help the Salvos to give a child a merry Christmas.

  • TPG-TV

    Look out Kerry and Rupert, the IT channel is now set to snatch its rightful space on TV, with the first shots being fired by PC assembler and Internet heavyweight TPG. According to TPG marketing man Stephen Landstra, the burgeoning ISP will bundle its new Pay-TV service with its Internet package from `early next year'.


    In what can only be described as a bizarre and totally off the wall scheme, the colossal Microsoft empire is to transplant itself down under. In yet another world exclusive, Tabloid has obtained the truth behind the Microsoft monopoly.

  • Santa spam

    Skyrocketing junk e-mail threatens to overload servers with cheer this Christmas. Desperate IT managers are reported to be trying to prevent servers from crashing and Internet links clogging causing potential disaster to business-critical E-mail. According to David Jones, technical director of Internet and e-mail software vendor EmU Tech, the barrage of animated and graphical reindeers, Santas and Christmas tree novelties dominating e-mail systems at Christmas might look cute but, collectively, they can be dangerous.

  • quizzer quizzed

    In an astonishing lack of what many would describe as good sportsmanship, the operators of a quiz competition at one of the IT industry's most renowned watering holes have refused to pay out a cash jackpot prize. An IT channel identity and regular Tabloid reader has claimed that North Sydney's Greenwood Hotel should pay out the $1000 for last week's jackpot question.