Stories by Patrick Marshall

  • Participant Server manages Web content

    It doesn't take much Web browsing to see that most businesses still treat their Web sites as high-tech bulletin boards, where data is simply posted by a webmaster for general consumption. That's like using the telephone to send Morse code. The technology is capable of much, much more.

  • Norton 2000 eases Y2K checks

    As we approach the last day of the 20th century, the rush to ensure that corporate computer systems are year-2000 compliant will become more and more frenetic for those who haven't already finished this tedious but crucial task.

  • HTML Transit leads way to the Web

    If your company generates large numbers of documents to move to the Web - from word processors, spreadsheets, or presentation files - you may want to take a look at InfoAccess HTML Transit.

  • Outlook 2000 a worthwhile upgrade

    Outlook 2000, the latest e-mail client and contact manager from Microsoft, has finally grown up. Widely available this month, Outlook 2000 has lost the bugs that plagued earlier versions, and Microsoft has added features that will make the product more appealing to end users and enterprise administrators alike.

  • LapLink Pro 2.0 gets speed boost

    LapLink Professional, also known as LapLink Pro, doesn't hold first place in market share now, and the latest version isn't likely to win it the blue ribbon based on features either. However, if you're looking for a clean, lean, high-performance remote access and control tool for your telecommuters I recommend LapLink Professional 2.0. You won't find a solution that's easier to implement and use than LapLink 2.0, which is now faster and boasts an even cleaner interface than previous versions.

  • Communicator 4.5 adds tools for roaming users

    Netscape Communicator 4.5, recently posted to Netscape's Web site, offers several dozen enhancements to the Internet client suite. But there are only a few that will matter when you decide whether to switch to Netscape or to upgrade.