Stories by Liz Tay

  • ACIF-SPAN merger gets go-ahead

    By Liz Tay | 10 August, 2006 15:46

    Plans to merge the Australian Communications Industry Forum (ACIF) and the Service Providers Association (SPAN) have been approved. From September 1, the Communications Alliance will be Australia's new peak body for the communications industry.

  • G9 plans FTTN for Australia without Telstra

    By Liz Tay | 09 August, 2006 16:31

    Telstra pulling the plug on its FTTN network on Monday does not mean it's the end of FTTN in Australia. Rival fibre consortium, G9, will continue to move forward with its network plans without Telstra's help.

  • Accucom takes wireless to Wenona

    By Liz Tay | 08 August, 2006 11:04

    Accucom Systems Integration has teamed up with networking giant, Cisco, to provide uniform wireless coverage across a girls' school in North Sydney.

  • IT skills shortage pushes salaries north

    By Liz Tay | 04 August, 2006 07:59

    Despite a drop of 2.8 percent in ICT vacancies in July 2006, the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) reports a steady demand for IT professionals in the workforce.

  • IIA demands faster broadband to more Australians by 2010

    By Liz Tay | 02 August, 2006 13:26

    The Internet Industry Association (IIA) believes approximately 80 per cent of the Australian population should have access to downstream speeds of 10Mbps, with 67 per cent having access to speeds above 24Mbps by the end of the decade.

  • Home broadband users will finally get upload boost

    Maximum upstream speeds in Australia are expected to more than double within the next three months, as Internode finally breaks through a year-long negotiation process with the Australian Communications Industry Forum over ADSL2+ Annex M.