Stories by Liz Tay

  • Txt 'fun' for a successful mobile service

    By Liz Tay | 05 February, 2007 15:33

    Social interaction, rather than function, is the force behind young adults' burgeoning use of text messaging, claims a new study conducted by the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University in Canada.

  • People Telecom renews ties with Optus

    By Liz Tay | 23 January, 2007 16:56

    ASX-listed telecoms company, People Telecom, has signed a $21 million agreement with Optus to continue to provide mobile telephone services to new and existing customers.

  • The 'inevitable' next step towards HSPA

    By Liz Tay | 02 January, 2007 07:27

    Mobile technology is moving steadily towards richer applications that require higher speeds, and according to several cellular vendors, service providers and industry analysts, the only way to its future is through a combination of HSUPA (High Speed Uplink Packet Access) and HSDPA (High Speed Download Packet Access), together known as HSPA (High Speed Packet Access).

  • WiFi on The Rocks

    By Liz Tay | 12 December, 2006 10:37

    An 802.11g network has been launched at the Sydney Rocks area to provide free high-speed wireless Internet access to the public. Initiated and funded by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA), The Rocks' Wi-Fi hotspot is expected to bring the city technologically in line with major tourist destinations around the world.

  • Report questions telcos' role in furthering broadband

    By Liz Tay | 06 December, 2006 16:20

    New, stricter regulations are required for the advance of Australian broadband, while the government should withdraw its support for nationwide infrastructure run by incumbent carriers, claims a report released Thursday by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA).

  • Victoria's ability to host high-tech jobs questioned

    By Liz Tay | 04 December, 2006 15:14

    Victoria's current economy may be unable to sustain the production of hi-tech jobs and a global competitive edge in the future, according to a study by Monash University's Centre for Population and Urban Research.

  • Sydney loses national share of IT jobs

    By Liz Tay | 04 December, 2006 08:13

    Besides having experienced a dramatic decline in IT jobs during the past five years, Sydney is also fast losing ground as Australia's IT hub, according to a study conducted by Monash University's Centre for Population and Urban Research.

  • Access Providers gets Activ

    By Liz Tay | 01 November, 2006 09:36

    Access Providers (AP) has cemented a share acquisition and subscription agreement to acquire Sydney-based telco and IT services provider, Activ. The move follows the Melbourne-based wireless carrier's decision to accept a $2.85 million takeover bid from WIN Corporation for its shares in SelecTV.

  • Developer shortage stalling Web projects, lines coders' pockets

    By Liz Tay | 26 October, 2006 11:23

    A severe shortage of local Web application developers is making it increasingly difficult for companies to hire staff for eBusiness and Web-based projects. Meanwhile, the lucky few with relevant skills are netting in correspondingly healthy salary packages, claims one IT recruitment agency.