Stories by Peter Saalfield

  • Threat increases from IM-based attacks

    A study released by instant messaging (IM) security vendor, IMlogic, reported that hackers and virus writers are recognizing and exploiting the opportunites presented by IM-based attacks, the numbers of which have risen sharply over the last two quarters.

  • IDC: PC shipments remain solid

    Growth in PC sales should remain strong over the next year due to many factors, including low prices, the influence of emerging markets worldwide and continuously growing demand for portable computers, according to research released Thursday by IDC.

  • Threat grows from browser-based attacks

    IT security officers have a growing problem on their hands -- browser-based attacks such as "pharming" scams rose significantly for the third straight year, making them the fastest growing security threat, according to a study by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), a nonprofit trade organization based in Chicago.

  • Proxim agrees to sell assets to Moseley

    Proxim, a producer of Wi-Fi and broadband wireless equipment, announced on Saturday that it has sold substantially all of its assets to Moseley Associates. Proxim has endured a steep decline in revenue and increases in deficits over the last four years, and the sale will be implemented through Proxim's filing of Chapter 11 bankruptcy.