Stories by Lincoln Spector

  • 3 Key Tweaks for Windows 7

    As an environment to work and play in, Windows 7 beats Vista, hands down. But it isn't perfect, and you may find yourself missing a few features that have disappeared. Here's how to get them back.

  • How to Upgrade to Windows 7

    Upgrading your operating system is always fraught with problems and anxiety, and quite often with disaster. But by taking the right precautions, gathering the needed materials, and hoping for the best while preparing for the worst, you can upgrade your PC without losing functionality or gaining gray hairs. I'm here to tell you how.

  • Brand-name LCD HDTVs get cheaper

    Anyone familiar with LCD HDTVs expects their prices to decrease, and for TVs from established companies to cost more than models from upstarts like Insignia and Vizio -- but no one expects the top-shelf brands to come down in price faster than the value brands. Yet that is exactly what's happening. Higher-end brands no longer carry the premium they once did: The delta between the value brands and the big-name brands can be as little as $100 these days.

  • Software algorithm visualizes large data sets

    Scientists have more data at their disposal than ever before -- often more than they can properly examine. But a new algorithm should make it easier for them to visualize huge data sets. And cheaper, too; software based on the algorithm can run on personal computers with as little as 2GB of RAM.

  • Study says consumers want green tech

    According to a new report released by the Consumer Electronics Association, consumers want environmentally friendly electronic devices. They may even be willing to pay more for them.

  • Solar power stocks drop as orders are cancelled

    Q-Cells SE, the world's largest manufacturer of solar cells according to the <i>Times of London</i> severely cut back its earning estimate this week, causing a drop in its own stock and that of other solar companies.

  • Feature-packed and fi le friendly

    Netgear's Digital Entertainer is a feature-packed product, but setting it up entails visiting too many menus. Fortunately, the menu screens are eye-pleasing and easy to read. The remote feels right in the hand, and it has large, well-placed buttons. The EVA8000 scans PC or PCs and organizes media, making that video or song easier to find, even if users don't employ the supplied server software.