Stories by Jeff Walsh

  • Second edition of Win98 to ship

    Microsoft has announced that the Windows 98 OS Second Edition is complete and has been sent to manufacturing plants. Windows 98 Second Edition provides enhancements in the area of Internet, networking, and hardware technologies, according to Microsoft

  • Apple goes open source

    The movement toward open-source applications gained a member last week when Apple Computer announced it would release the source code for various components of its Mac OS X Server, which is now shipping.

  • Quark, Adobe to Replay Face-Off at Show

    At Seybold seminars in Boston in two weeks, Adobe Systems and Quark will once again go head-to-head among the high-end publishing crowd. This year, the companies are competing on the products front -- unlike at last year's Boston Seybold show, where the buzz was consumed by Quark's attempt to buy Adobe.

  • PC buyers to demand refund for Windows

    An online group of non-Windows users is seeking refunds from Microsoft for their unused, unwanted copies of the Windows operating system that shipped with their PCs. The group, referring to the bundled operating system as a "Microsoft tax" on all computers, is rallying Linux, BeOS, BSD, OS/2 and NetWare users to demand a refund on Feb. 15 because of the wording in Microsoft's end-user licence agreement (EULA).

  • Will IE 5.0 get native XML support?

    The battle between Microsoft and the rest of the industry over how to render HTML data in Web browsers is now being extended to the Extensible Markup Language (XML).

  • Wall Data brings legacy data to the Web

    Wall Data this week announced a suite of development tools to enable businesses to integrate legacy and other corporate data into Web applications. Cyberprise Developer Studio enables the authoring of complex Web applications as well as the capability to provide Web user interfaces to mainframe and AS/400 applications.

  • Help desk vendors look to integrate with ERP

    As enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are being deployed in more corporations, internal help desks are becoming more critical and are also integrat- ing with the ERP systems to provide an easier deployment, according to analysts.

  • Adobe rebuffs Quark's offer

    Quark, maker of the desktop publishing system QuarkXPress, announced last week its intention to acquire Adobe Systems in the hope of making Adobe's publishing tools Photoshop and Illustrator work better with QuarkXPress. Adobe rebuffed the offer, saying it was "not interested" in such an acquisition.