Stories by Michelle Mastin

  • Digital Business Card Apps

    Do you have your business card on you? Do you have your phone with you? No and yes? That's what I thought. Of course you remember to carry your business cards for trade shows and industry events--but what about on a daily basis, for those random coffee-house encounters, or for those times when you want to connect with someone at a party who happens to work for a company you want to do business with?

  • Save Money and Get a Second Line by Making Calls Over Wi-Fi

    If you frequently use a mobile phone for business calls and text messages, you know that the fees from your carrier can add up quickly. But with suitable apps and programs, you can add an office line that lets you use Wi-Fi to make voice calls and send texts from your mobile device or desktop at no extra charge, using the Internet service you already pay for. Having a second phone line for business also can help you separate your work from your personal life.

  • What new tablets can learn: the power of the pen

    Tablets are all the rage. You may have started with a smartphone to check email on the go, and then to browse the Web and play Angry Birds; then you started wondering if a bigger screen might be even better. The larger screens of tablets are certainly great for videos, reading, and Web browsing.

  • How to keep local access to data during Cloud outages

    The Amazon cloud services outage that knocked out several popular Websites last week raised questions about the reliability of the cloud, but the general consensus is that it works if you plan for failure. Like any good business plan, a good cloud plan should include provisions for failure, including plans B and C, and plenty of backups.

  • How to make your small business paperless: A success story

    When I started teaching viola and violin years ago, I brought all the books my students used along with me, just in case the kids forgot theirs. Then the kids became more advanced, and I had to carry more books. I also sent them each home with a practice chart for the week. The studio grew, and I printed out more and more weekly charts.