Stories by Keith Newman

  • IBM & Compaq get onboard

    The market for companies that develop and implement technology solutions to solve business problems is just beginning to blossom and will truly expand into an enormous segment as we segue out of Y2K and into the new millennium. The signs are now real and abundant - from Wall Street, where a reduction in market valuations has sent many of the "old world" channel players into a tailspin, to the cacophony of calls from vendors that are touting the new channel with announcements of new "enterprise" or "integrator" divisions. It's no longer about time-to-market but about time-to-solution.

  • Becoming a strategic channel partner

    There are many ways to segment a given market. For my simple mind, I like simple formulas. In that vein, let's say there are two types of channel customers: those who use technology as a weapon and those who use technology as a crutch. Those that use IT as a weapon have been referred to as "the new enterprise", companies that are looking to maximise sales and push levers to create sustainable, competitive advantage.