Stories by Susan Searle

  • EDITORIAL: Watch me , if you dare

    Maybe George Orwell didn't factor in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius when he wrote his predictions about 1984. His picture was a world of uniformity, society watchdogs and, most importantly, no choices. But one of the major concerns of the post '60s western world has been about choice: the right to choice and freedom of choice.

  • EDITORIAL: Responsibility reigns

    This second issue of Channel X focuses on emergence: emerging channels, developing markets and channel growth in the new economy. It's the forum for new channel company incubation. But incubation means nurturing, making sure these emerging or changed businesses have a good future. And nurturing means responsibility - to you and to your customers.

  • EDITORIAL: The Glamour of Loyalty

    In February 2000 I was in the US visiting IT companies and IDG offices. It was totally wild. Every time the phone rang in my colleagues' offices it was a job offer. The IT clients were reporting huge exits of staff. In San Franciso office space was at a ridiculous premium and basically impossible to find.

  • EDITORIAL: Champion the cause

    Unlike the movies, I do remember the seventies. I led a feminist march which culminated in burning my bra, demonstrated against whatever war was on that year and staged sit-ins on campus to promote minority rights.