Stories by Daniel Tynan

  • Opinion: The Technology Coming to a Gadget Near You

    When it comes to the "next big thing", I'm usually pretty skeptical. (It's from all those years I've spent trying to get gear to work as advertised.) But in 2008, we will see some long-promised technologies - like the connected home, truly smart "smartphones", and environmentally friendly tech - start to bloom. And even if they don't live up to all the hype, they'll make life a lot more interesting.

  • Will spam choke the Internet?

    If last week's US Federal Trade Commission Spam Forum could be reduced to a single soundbyte, it is Commissioner Orson Swindle's declaration that "email is the killer app of the Internet, and spam is killing the killer app."

  • Support Bush, win a mouse pad

    John Pinckney, of Muncie, Indiana, thinks President Bush is “demonstrating genuine leadership” in steering the US economy. So do Kyle Klink, of Rochester, New York; Stephanie Johnson, of Milton, Massachusetts; and Michael Snyder, of Merced, California. Recently, they and three dozen other people have published identical letters to media sites including the Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune — with the help of some online political maneuvering.