Stories by Geneva Sapp

  • B2C sites wreak havoc, leave clues

    The carnage among business-to-consumer e-commerce ventures, erstwhile darlings of investors everywhere, signals a pendulum swing back toward traditional retailing dynamics and suggests strength in a diversified channels strategy.

  • GE aims at reinvention as Net trading platform

    The death knell began to sound last week for old-guard proprietary networks when buttoned-down GE Information Services announced plans to emerge as an open Internet platform for e-procurement and trading communities.

  • Online financing amps revenue channels

    Although credit cards may be the preferred method of payment for e-commerce sites, many customers are gun-shy about whipping out their credit cards for high-price-tag - $500, $5000, or even $100,000 - items. And doing business internationally means e-tailers and business-to-business sites need another payment method besides credit cards, which are seldom used.