Stories by Cass Warneminde

  • Nat Semi admits chip disappointment

    Barely three months after "re-establishing" its Australian office in a bid to build brand awareness for Cyrix processors, National Semiconductor is getting out of the PC processor business. The chip manufacturer recently announced that it will soon bow out of the PC chip business after taking a severe financial beating at the hands of its competitors during the past few quarters.

  • Federal department denies reneging on reseller deal

    A Federal Government department has denied a local IT equipment broker's claims that it reneged on a deal to resell computer equipment for which it has no further use. Documents obtained by ARN's sister publication ComputerWorld, however, appear to fly in the face of this denial and seem to prove a claim made by an industry source that the department's backflip has affected his professional reputation and resulted in the filing of several law suits.

  • Adobe Launches Local Web Service

    Attempting to further ingratiate itself with its customers in the Pacific region, Adobe Systems has launched a Web service containing purely local information on products, purchasing options, support and local news, including regional events and customer case studies.