Stories by Dolores Diez

  • MARKETING CLINIC: And the winner is . . .

    Let's face it, if your envelope doesn't get opened you've just wasted all the time and dollars that it took you to create the enclosed direct mail proposition. So, let's talk envelopes - size, copy, colour, look, postage.

  • MARKETING CLINIC: Making the news

    The news release is the basic ingredient of all media communications. It has many names but, whatever you call it, it is the primary means of getting your message out. In order to be successful, a media release must contain legitimate news presented in such a way that the editor recognises it as something he/she shouldn't ignore.

  • MARKETING CLINIC: Killing startups with words

    The Internet economy has certainly impacted on public relations firms -positively I mean. Those start-up companies and other newer small businesses can't get enough publicity and guidance from the PR gurus out there. They believe faithfully that Presence builds Preference.

  • MARKETING CLINIC: Passion is number one

    I've always loved the word passion and what it stands for - saying it out loud is even better. I suppose being Spanish helps!! Admittedly, eating the fruit bearing the same name does not create the same enthusiasm within me.

  • MARKETING CLINIC: No company outperforms its aspirations

    I want you to undertake this experiment. Ask 25 people in your organisation this question: "What would be a reasonable expectation for top-line growth this year?". Calculate the average answer. Is it 20 per cent, 30 per cent, or something substantially less ambitious?

  • Merger mania

    Are mergers and acquisitions opportunities or threats for communications folks?