Stories by Don Marti

  • Zvents releases open-source cluster database

    Event search firm Zvents is releasing a massively parallel database server, based on a published Google design, as an open source project. The new software, Hypertable, is designed to scale to 1000 nodes, all commodity PCs, said Doug Judd, principal search architect for Zvents.

  • MySQL, Solaris share performance tuning feature

    Sun just announced its acquisition of MySQL, but for several months the open-source database has been getting the performance tracing integration with the Solaris platform that it needs to follow through on Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz's committment to performance improvements.

  • Can Linux close its technical gaps?

    Legal threats may be the high-profile risk for Linux, but the popular open source kernel project is coming face-to-face with key technical shortcomings, too. As the Linux Foundation plans its first Collaboration Summit for June 13 through 15 at the Google campus in Mountain View, Linux contributors are speaking out about kernel gaps that have no solution readily in sight.