Stories by Mike Avery

  • More Magic for NetWare users

    Drive image copiers have saved the lunch, dinner and weekend of many system administrators by letting them easily install complex system software on PCs. What has been missing is a server drive-imaging product.

  • Web Transporter does job, lacks flair

    If you are responsible for a network of users who are spread out geographically, you must figure out how to get current software to them quickly and easily. In an effort to simplify distributing software to clients or staff beyond a LAN, Metatec offers Web Transporter 3.0.

  • OnePoint tool proves reliable

    Companies now rely on microcomputer-based systems to do mission-critical work that would have given mainframes pause just a few years ago. The software that monitors these machines, including Windows NT systems, and their networks is becoming more important. Luckily for the consumer, competition is heating up the market.

  • Strong SBS has all a small office requires

    Small Business Suite (SBS) 5 delivers on the promise of directory services in ways that are accessible to small businesses. This Novell product is designed to work for a single site with as many as 50 users, not to be a part of an enterprise network. The suite's NetWare 5 has been stripped down to use a single-partition directory service.

  • Healing System frees help desk

    Computers that work one day and fail the next consume a good deal of a computer support team's time every day. When PCs go down, users cannot do their jobs, the help desk staff becomes tied up and upper management demands better IT support.

  • EcoTools a fine fit for NT

    When a server is having problems, the very least consequence is that users suffer productivity losses; if your server is employed in electronic business, you may be losing real dollars. A package that can correct some problems and give you early warning can be a real time- and face-saver. One very useful application for monitoring and managing Windows NT Servers is CompuWare's EcoTools for NT Version 6.2.1.

  • SureSync ensures likeness among files

    When employees are working with your company's customers, you want them all to have the same current information, including everything from customer data to product price lists. You also want to keep, for example, interoffice phone lists and e-mail directories consistent and accurate. This means making sure databases - or whatever kind of files you use - stay synchronised. Software Pursuits' latest release of SureSync does this, letting you easily and automatically manage files stored in several locations across your network.

  • Card monitors APC devices with ease

    A compelling and recurring paradigm for system managers concerns how to handle remote management while monitoring every possible device on the network. To address this problem, American Power Conversion (APC) is offering its Web/SNMP Management Card 1.0, which is designed for the remote management and monitoring of most APC uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to employ SNMP-based or Web-based management for their APC UPS devices.

  • CleanSweep for Administrators clears cobwebs

    When PCs first became tools instead of toys, seasoned system managers resisted them; not because PCs weren't useful, but because they were so useful that users were filling up their hard drives with programs and utilities faster than could be imagined. It's even harder to imagine that giving users yet another program could alleviate the situation. But Quarterdeck's CleanSweep for Administrators, Version 1.0, offers the tools users need and gives administrators the control that lets them sleep at night. As far as Windows uninstallers go, this is a solid application worth considering. The only serious limitation of CleanSweep for Administrators is a lack of network integration.

  • APC's PowerStack fits tight situations

    The APC PowerStack 450 is a rack-mountable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed to power communications equipment in small racks, which it does admirably.