Stories by Benj Edwards

  • In Pictures: Six of the rarest Macs

    Many Macs are uncommon or hard to find today, but for the sake of brevity (and for fear of the dreaded TL;DR), I’ve decided to examine six of the rarest among them.

  • Six of the rarest Macs

    If you’re a longtime fan of the Macintosh platform, chances are you are a bit of a collector and a historian. Aside from their being endearing machines that earned user loyalty, Macs retained their usefulness far longer than most PCs, encouraging people to hang on to them. Who among you doesn’t have an old Mac in your closet?

  • Steve Jobs' seven key decisions

    When Steve Jobs officially returned to Apple 15 years ago, it marked a moment of rebirth for the ailing company. Within eight months (September 17, 1997, to be exact), he assumed the mantle of Interim CEO (later abbreviated to “iCEO” for cuteness) and executed a stark and keen strategy to save Apple from oblivion.

  • The Exceptional iMac G4: Ten years later

    Ten years ago, Apple introduced the flat-panel iMac G4, a groundbreaking consumer PC that wowed the computer industry and proved that Apple could not only meet, but exceed design innovations that had given the firm a new breath of life just four years prior.

  • The Macintosh II celebrates its 25th anniversary

    Twenty-five years ago, Apple released the Macintosh II, a powerful, expandable desktop computer that represented a profound ideological design shift in the Macintosh line. Through its open architecture and color display capability, it echoed the experimental philosophy of Apple's earliest machines and ignited a new wave of enthusiasm for the Macintosh platform.

  • The world's worst game controller fails

    When it comes to game controllers, there’s a fine line between clever and stupid. For every good step forward in controller design, there are a dozen dead ends. Some devices may work very well, but are destined for the dustbin anyway. This slideshow is dedicated to those oddball controllers that set out earn our amazement but only aroused our amusement, instead.