Stories by Ken Presti

  • SMB - SMBs emerge from the enterprise shadow

    Not long ago, network products for small and midsize businesses were nothing more than enterprise products with lower port densities and perhaps a partial lobotomy. After all, if it's good for Citibank or General Motors, it has to be good for you, right? Not really -- but it sounds good, if that's what you're selling.

  • Enter the age of the warm, fuzzy IT integrator

    Your technology integrators want to know what keeps you awake at night. Don't worry; they're not going to offer to sing something soft and soothing over your plain old telephone service line at 3am. But many are taking their consultative capabilities to a whole new level.

  • MY SAY: The seven deadly sins of channel programs

    As an analyst and consultant, I get a great view of how network vendors direct, and often misdirect, their channel programs. Nothing can take the wind out of a good technology's sails like a poorly executed channel program. Here are some common mistakes.

  • Selecting a systems integrator

    Choosing the right value-added reseller or systems integrator is one of the most important aspects of a successful network upgrade. If you have a long-standing alliance with a channel partner that has been successful and cost-effective for you in the past, count yourself as one of the lucky ones.