Stories by Julian Bajkowski

  • Williams to quit as PM takes control of ICT

    After only six months in the post, Communications, IT and Arts Minister Daryl Williams will not contest his lower house seat in the forthcoming elections "for family reasons" and has effectively ceded control of the national ICT agenda to the office of the Prime Minister, John Howard.

  • Telstra shakes up security

    Australia's 600-pound telco Telstra is in the midst of its biggest security shake up in more than a decade, and is understood to have appointed a new group manager for security across the whole enterprise. It is also advertising for no fewer than 10 senior and executive security positions.

  • Analysis: NOIE morphs to live and expand

    In the six months since the spectacular exit of Richard Alston as IT and communications minister and his replacement by Daryl Williams QC, much has quietly changed in the way those who hold power in the federal sphere view public sector information technology and particularly outsourcing.

  • LCD shortage starts to bite

    IT buyers hoping for a price cut for sexy, slimline, flat-screen LCD monitors look set to wait another 18 months as supplies of 15in LCD monitors run short and OEM vendors scramble to pick up over-priced crumbs from LCD panel manufacturers' factories, according to the worldwide president of hardware manufacturer Acer, JT Wang.

  • NOIE cut in two

    The federal government has moved decisively to centralise control of its ICT expenditure, architecture and execution across all agencies and will appoint an Australian government chief information officer (AGCIO) to oversee whole of government ICT coordination, backed by a new specialist office to oversee the development and promotion of its own ICT agenda.

  • SonicWall increases local support

    After a merry-go-round of distributors and some very public attacks from within the reseller community over support, network security appliance vendor SonicWall has dispatched two of its senior brass down under to soothe the nerves of jaded customers and agents and announce that staff for Australia will be doubled – from two to four.

  • 3Com bets big on VoIP lift

    This will be the year that Australian enterprises fully embrace VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in an effort to slash operating costs and integrate customer-facing applications and networks, according to network plumbing heavyweight 3Com.

  • ACS calls for government open source mandate

    The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is calling for the federal government and the opposition to put in place policies that support open source software in an effort to boost the creation of local IT jobs in Australia and reduce what it estimates as a $14 billion ICT trade deficit.

  • Federal IT policy heads for bipartisan paralysis

    Information technology policy has sunk into pre-budget and pre-election paralysis at government and opposition levels. Communications and IT Minister Daryl Williams is refusing to guarantee any future funding for the National Office of the Information Economy (NOIE) - at exactly the same time as the opposition revealed plans to abolish NOIE altogether.

  • Telstra, government attacked over IBM job cuts

    The Federal government and Telstra has come under heavy fire over the redepoloyment of 450 Telstra code cutting jobs to IBM India, with both the federal opposition and the Australian Computer Society accusing the government of allowing Telstra to ride roughshod over the national interest.

  • Feds bring helpdesk support back in-house

    In a trend that will bring little joy to large outsourcers, the federal government is gradually in-sourcing many of its helpdesk services after enduring years of slow response times, a frustratingly limited understanding of its business needs and questionable value for money.