Stories by Julian Bajkowski

  • Sensis jumps into IT outsourcing

    Sensis has revealed it is making a serious play for the largely untapped SME IT outsourcing market to complement its growing swag of search, advertising and directory products.

  • Alliance calls for ISP controls

    The Business Software Alliance wants the legal right to force Australian ISPs to stop hosting content it deems to have infringed on intellectual property rights under the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US.

  • Cash-for-clients hits wall of silence

    Kickbacks for product placements grabbed the limelight after documents tendered to a US court revealed a salesman may have offered as much as 8 per cent to a consultancy to swing a deal.

  • Testing time brings offshoring jobs home

    Tentative signs offshoring software development may return some of the jobs that have recently moved from Australia has emerged with Sydney-based code-testing shop Access Testing Centre (ATC) scoring a significant deal with Indian development powerhouse Satyam.

  • Performance managers seek consensus

    Major enterprise software vendors have formed a coalition to rationalise customer expectations of analytics software offerings and bring order to the proliferation of unrestrained three letter acronyms.

  • Government rules out curbs for offshoring

    Six months after Treasurer Peter Costello publicly reprimanded Telstra for sending 400 IT jobs to India, Minister for Communications, IT and the Arts Daryl Williams has flatly ruled out the introduction of any curbs on IT offshoring.

  • iBook goes to high school

    If the slick marketing of Apple Computer and wireless hotspots conjures up images of yuppies in polo necks, then students at a western Sydney high school don't seem to care.

  • IT contracting regains pulling power

    Contracting in IT as a career has regained favour with project professionals with a sharp rise in positive sentiment recorded over the last year according to a candidate survey by recruiter Resources Connection Australia (previously DeLoitte Re:sources).

  • Big Brother IT budget

    In a scorched earth budget that has spent $8.39 billion of surplus taxation revenue to appease voters, the federal government will spend more money than ever on new technology to nail down security - and new security to nail down technology.

  • Budget 2004: Special report

    Public and private sector CIO eyes will be on Canberra over the next 48 hours as Treasurer Peter Costello presents what is tipped to be the biggest-spending budget in Australian economic history.

  • Remote West gets mobiles boost

    As the election thermometer rises, Telstra has upped its expansion of mobile services in Western Australia and launched its network's first solar-powered mobile base station which will deliver CDMA coverage to the Roebuck Plains area in the state's north west.