Stories by Julian Bajkowski

  • IT policy fight goes bare knuckle

    In a move that falls somewhere between positive encouragement and a blunt instrument, IT has fallen into centre stage under Labor's industry policy released today, with public and private sector IT buyers being firmly guided to choose Australian products and services whenever making IT procurement decisions.

  • Vendors supersize software pricing

    Widespread naivete about vendor pricing techniques, plus a lack of negotiation skills results in Australian corporations paying bloated prices for enterprise software, Meta Group warned last week.

  • ACA investigates Net Harbour over political spam

    The activities of Net Harbour Pty Ltd, an IT services company linked to the son of Prime Minister John Howard, has been placed under investigation by the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) after allegedly sending tranches of unsolicited bulk e-mail on behalf of a number of Liberal Party candidates including the Prime Minister.

  • Defence super CIO group sends vendors to boot camp

    Australia's biggest IT buyer, the Department of Defence will drastically rationalize the way it manages its information systems, with the position of CIO elevated to take charge of all "development and support of enterprise management applications".

  • Distance quarantines HP supply chain from US glitch

    Hewlett-Packard's customers in Australia with orders for Proliant servers have escaped the lengthy delivery delays facing their peers in the US where problems plague the hardware manufacturer's SAP-based order processing and supply chain system.

  • In offshoring we trust: Coonan

    Communications and IT Minister Helen Coonan has fuelled speculation government agencies will offshore IT services to cut costs and expressed confidence offshored IT projects will meet strict government IT security criteria.

  • Keep IP on a short leash: IBM

    Legal quarrels between vendors and enterprises over intellectual property (IP) rights surrounding the creation of new software can be avoided if users figure out what they want earlier, and speak to lawyers later, a senior IBM executive has argued.

  • Regulator goes hard on spectrum management

    Faced with an explosion in the uptake of radio frequency-based devices and applications such as wireless broadband and mobile communication devices, the Australian Communications Authority has launched its big-picture strategy for managing radio frequency (RF) spectrum in Australia.

  • Alarm bells sound over user group sponsorships

    IT user groups must be careful about what they ask of vendors or risk losing the support of their members and leverage over the very vendors they seek to influence, users, analysts, developers and the Australian Computer Society warned last week.

  • Mandla vows ACS reforms will continue

    The president of the Australian Computer Society Edward Mandla vows he will continue to push hard for reform within the organization in an effort to re-establish political and industry clout for the ICT industry.

  • Hosted apps aim to bypass IT managers

    Hosted applications vendors are deliberately shutting IT managers out of the software-purchasing loop in their bid to sign up end-user companies. However, CIOs and analysts warn that enterprises need to carefully distinguish short-term ROI rhetoric from long-term data integration headaches.

  • Black Pages bites the dust

    A company offering to reverse-search Telstra's telephone directories has gone into liquidation following a Federal Court decision upholding Telstra's ownership of intellectual property rights over its telephone book listings.

  • Coonan set to revisit telco legislation

    The federal government will grind on with its so far frustrated plans to sell off Telstra, with Australia's third Communication IT and Arts (DCITA) minister, Senator Helen Coonan set to look at new ways to satisfy demands from stakeholders and minority powerbrokers.