Stories by Julian Bajkowski

  • Oracle Australia MD quits

    The managing director of Oracle Corporation's Australian arm, Leigh Warren, has quit the company less than a week before the vendor's US-based president Charles Phillips visits Australia.

  • Further spyware controls under consideration

    The federal government may consider a range of further curbs to regulate the use of so-called spyware, but will look for pragmatic solutions from the corporate sector, public interest groups and IT vendors rather than take a legal stick to the problem.

  • Oracle reinvigorates JD Edwards brand

    Applications and ERP managers who are sick of changing brand names in the wake of acquisitions can breathe a sigh of relief, with Oracle coming good on its promise not to kill off the JD Edwards (JDE) brand name.

  • Research collapse sours IT jobs lift

    Unemployment amongst IT professionals in the research and development and education sectors has nearly tripled in the last two years, taking the gloss off a wider IT jobs recovery.

  • SAP mulls value-based licencing overhaul

    Applications and ERP juggernaut SAP is considering substantial licensing changes and appears set to start experimenting with blended licensing models based on a combination of user headcount and transactional volume across a range of industry sectors.

  • Intel quietly ships Pentium D with DRM

    Microsoft and the entertainment industry's holy grail of controlling copyright through the motherboard has moved a step closer with Intel now embedding digital rights management within in its latest dual-core processor Pentium D and accompanying 945 chipset.

  • Coonan board cold shoulders overseas vendors

    Overseas vendors seeking to influence government IT and communications policy have been publicly frozen out of the policy-making loop, with IT and Communications Minister Senator Helen Coonan opting for a blend of research and business brains in the selection of her ICT Advisory Board.

  • IT ignored by Costello

    In what is likely to be his last Budget between the Prime Minister's office or the back bench, Treasurer Peter Costello has bet the farm on a series of across-the-board tax cuts, backed by an ambitious series of welfare reforms where big picture IT simply does not figure - at least not for this year.

  • ACS demands migration clampdown

    Cheap imported labour is gravely undermining local wages in Australia's ICT industry and contributing to high levels of unemployment among Australian IT graduates.

  • AIIA and AEEMA in merger talks

    Australia's two largest IT industry lobby groups, the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) and the Australian Electronic and Electrical Manufacturing Association (AEEMA) appear set to merge by year end, if not within weeks.

  • AMD to dob in tender traps

    Public servants who routinely flout tender regulations by stipulating their preferred brands or vendors could soon be in for a serve from their financial masters, with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) planning a major "education" campaign to inform potential customers of IT procurement rules.

  • Government ICT spend swells to $5 billion

    Federal government spending on ICT has shot up 20 percent over the last 12 to 18 months, with special Minister of State Senator Eric Abetz revealing it is now "investing" around $5 billion a year on the technology sector.

  • Government to use open source to break lock-ins

    IT vendors pushing costly proprietary software lock-ins have been warned that feeding at the $4.2 billion IT trough of the Australian taxpayer is over and a strict and a new procurement diet for vendors will be personally enforced by the Special Minister of State, Senator Eric Abetz.