Stories by Julian Bajkowski

  • OptusNet hacker found guilty but not punished

    Police in New South Wales have scored a pyrrhic victory over the hacking of Internet service provider, OptusNet, with a Bankstown man proven guilty of two counts of unauthorised modification of data with intent to cause impairment before the New South Wales District Court.

  • Telstra walks the talk

    Telstra will start selling enterprise grade, home grown ‘natural language’ speech recognition engines directly into the Australian market over the next two years, according to its chief technology officer, Dr Hugh Bradlow.

  • Della Bosca gets NSW IT - and four other portfolios

    Anyone hoping for the information economy to be propelled to new heights in New South Wales as a result of Premier Bob Carr's cabinet reshuffle may be disappointed as Labor's factional right poster-boy, John Della Bosca, takes over the reins as new IT Minister - along with four other portfolios.

  • Outsourcing vendors hit mediocre heights: DaimlerChrysler

    Outsourcing vendors need to think globally, deliver locally and lift their game when pitching for contracts, according to the Australian IT department of auto manufacturing giant DaimlerChrysler, which has switched from incumbent Australian outsourcer T-Systems (a division of Deutsche Telekom) in favour of Hewlett-Packard.

  • Purple Plate pedlar sentenced, virtual nation state bid fails

    The proprietor of a bizarre Web site selling purple plates on the Internet, which were claimed to have exceptional powers, has been jailed for one month for contempt of court. The sentence follows action for misleading and deceptive conduct by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) under the Trade Practices Act.

  • Storage crisis tipped for 2007, or 2004

    Let it not be said that vendors resort to wild claims in an attempt to drum up business. At least not the level-headed folks at StorageTek, who have boldly predicted that the sheer volume of data -- and hence demand for intelligent storage solutions as opposed to space -- will explode come 2007.