Stories by Matt Prigge

  • EMC VNXe 3100: Sweet entry-level NAS and SAN

    EMC is easily the largest enterprise storage player on the planet, with more worldwide storage revenue than its two closest competitors (IBM and NetApp) combined. But no matter how popular EMC's high-end Symmetrix and VNX product lines have been with large customers, EMC was rarely considered a great choice for the small-to-midsize-business sector.

  • Zenoss: New dog masters old monitoring tricks

    Since the dawn of the business network, there has been a need to ensure that the network services provided to the enterprise are alive and responsive. Traditionally, in midsized businesses, this role has been filled by complex, closed source, and fantastically expensive solutions from manufacturers such as BMC, CA, HP, and IBM. And while these extravagant expenses make no customer happy, many users of these packages also complain of their complexity. Enough administrators have spent enough time wrangling with their monitoring systems to make a lot of smart people imagine that there must be a better way.

  • Best of open source in enterprise monitoring

    Open source software has had a foothold in the enterprise monitoring sphere for almost as long as open source has existed. One only needs to look at the sheer ubiquity of small applications such as MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) and its RRDTool back end to see that. What we haven't had from open source is the big application -- the comprehensive, community supported open source enterprise management suite that provides the depth and breadth of functionality that businesses need and generally find in closed-source competitors. That is changing in leaps and bounds. In fact, open source enterprise monitoring solutions are evolving so quickly, we won't even try to declare a clear winner yet -- but we're working on it.