Stories by Cara Cunningham

  • Dell exec ties company success to Internet

    Elated by yet another quarter of strong financial results that his company announced on Tuesday, Dell Computer's Vice President and CIO of global services, Michael Clifford, told attendees at the Planet Tivoli conference here that the secret to the company's success is no secret, it's the Internet.

  • Informatica's CEO shares information insight

    Although most companies more than understand the importance of leveraging IT to put crucial corporate information at employees' fingertips, the idea of analysing that information to make effective business decisions is not as pervasive. One key element to analysis is having a data backbone where information is consolidated, distilled, and made easily available to users. Enter companies such as Informatica, which is pitching its data-integration platform as just such a backbone. IDG's Cara Cunningham recently caught up with Informatica CEO Gaurav Dhillon to discuss the latest trends in business information.