Stories by Serenity Caldwell

  • Lion will debut on Wednesday (US time) on the Mac App Store

    The cat's out of the bag: During Apple's <a href="">third-quarter financial earnings call</a> on Tuesday, chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer announced that Lion would debut Wednesday on the Mac App Store. The OS update will cost $31.99.

  • Five new things your apps can do in Lion

    <a href="">Lion is coming in July</a> to a Mac App Store near you. And because we just can’t wait for it to be king, we’ve provided some information about just <a href="">what you can expect</a> when the big cat makes its big debut. We’ve already covered <a href="">five things your Mac will be able to do</a>; now, let’s take a look at some of the new features you’ll notice in your Apple applications.

  • Apple updates iOS versions of GarageBand, iMovie

    Mobile movie- and music-makers can add a few new tools to their toolbelts: On Wednesday, Apple released updates for both GarageBand and iMovie for iPad, adding new import options for the first, performance fixes for the latter, and AirPlay and HDMI support for both.

  • Apple offers Mac malware removal instructions

    There's been quite some commotion regarding the Mac and its relative security since Trojan horse Mac Defender appeared on the scene earlier this month. Now Apple's weighing in, with a Knowledge Base article focused on Mac Defender.