Stories by Paul Kallender

  • Sharp claims world's brightest screen for new notebooks

    Sharp will later this month put on sale two multimedia notebook PCs with screens as bright or brighter than the company's LCD (liquid crystal display) TVs. The screens are the brightest in the industry for notebook PCs, a company executive said at a press conference on Monday.

  • Panasonic, Olympus form SLR camera alliance

    Matsushita Electric Industrial and Olympus have formed an alliance to develop digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera technologies. They aim to produce high-end models for amateur photographers some time in 2006, after releasing concept models early that year, executives said Thursday.

  • Sharp to invest $1.9 billion in advanced LCD plant

    Sharp will construct a new factory capable of handling the largest-ever sheets of glass used to make LCD (liquid crystal display) panels. The factory will help the company meet rising consumer demand for large-screen flat panel TVs while also driving down production costs, Sharp's president said at a press conference in Tokyo on Wednesday.

  • JVC develops dual Blu-ray-DVD disc technology

    Victor Co. of Japan Ltd. (JVC) has developed prototype read-only discs that can contain data stored in both the DVD and high-capacity Blu-ray Disc formats. They are the first that are able to contain data in both formats, a company spokeswoman said Tuesday.

  • Samsung invests in LCD line

    Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. plans to spend 290 billion won (US$277 million) to build a second LCD manufacturing line at its factory in Tangjung, South Korea. Samsung plans to produce panels for LCD TVs with screen sizes of 30 inches across the diagonal and larger on the line, which will begin production in the first half of 2006, the company said Monday.

  • NTT DoCoMo's 4G research hits 1G bps

    NTT DoCoMo, Japan's biggest mobile communications carrier, achieved a 1G bps (gigabit per second) packet transmission speed using fourth-generation (4G) mobile communication equipment on Aug. 20, the company said Friday.

  • NEC, Toshiba claim MRAM breakthroughs

    NEC and Toshiba have made two advancements in developing a new type of memory that could eventually replace the standard memory used in mobile phones, MP3 players and other portable electronic devices, the companies said Wednesday.

  • Samsung, Sony sign patent cross-licensing agreement

    Samsung Electronics and Sony have signed a five-year cross-licensing agreement covering a wide range of patents for digital products, reducing the potential for disputes between the companies and smoothing the development of new products, a senior executive said Tuesday.

  • Dual DVD, HD-DVD disc developed

    Memory-Tech will start mass production late next year of read-only discs that can contain data stored in both DVD and HD-DVDs (High Definition/High Density-DVDs) layers, a company executive said Wednesday.

  • Upcoming UN meeting could decide PC fuel cells' future

    A United Nations committee meeting this week will make a key decision on whether cartridges containing methanol should be allowed on commercial aircraft -- vital for the commercial success of the methanol fuel cells being developed as an alternative to lithium ion batteries.