Stories by Paul Kallender

  • NEC developing network security analysis system

    NEC is developing a network security system that will automatically monitor and analyze the configuration of security tools deployed in a network and suggest changes to fix vulnerabilities and any redundancies that exist between them, the company announced Tuesday.

  • Panasonic, Samsung release MP3 players

    Panasonic and Samsung Electronics have each launched a range of new digital music players that combine numerous functions with head-turning designs that go as far as a diamond-encrusted model.

  • Toshiba shows fuel cell prototype

    Toshiba used the Cebit trade show to demonstrate for the first time an operating prototype fuel cell for notebook PCs, but the company, citing size, weight and regulatory concerns, said it will not commercialize the technology for about another three years.

  • Samsung unveils first DDR3 memory chip

    Samsung Electronics has produced a prototype memory chip the runs about four times as fast as those used in most current PCs, the South Korean company said Thursday. It should lead to better performance in future notebooks, desktops and servers, the company said.

  • Forget Bluetooth and WLANs, here's HANs

    Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) has developed a technology that uses the human body as a high-speed network and hopes to next year commercialize the technology in Human Area Networks (HANs) that provide a communications link between people and electronic devices, the company said Monday.

  • Consumer electronics industry facing disaster

    The impending era of digitally networked homes will cause potentially devastating problems as well as golden opportunities for the consumer electronics industry, a senior academic said at a conference on Monday.

  • Optware seeks U.S. vendors to adopt holographic storage

    Japan's Optware Thursday announced a detailed roadmap toward commercialization of its Holographic Versatile Disc technology. It has also set up an alliance to promote HVD and will later this year set up an office in the U.S. to promote the technology with major systems integrators there, it said.

  • Flash price decline ruins Toshiba's year

    Toshiba has become the fourth major Japanese electronics company in the last two weeks to slash its full-year sales and operating income forecasts because of recent sharp falls in the price of chips and digital electronics products.

  • Piracy crackdown nets 5.9 million discs in Asia

    In a wide-ranging sweep of the Asia-Pacific region, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) seized 5.9 million pirated optical discs and local police arrested 277 suspected motion picture pirates, the association said yesterday.