Stories by Paul Kallender

  • Sony develops new fuel cell film

    More good news for those of us still waiting for practical fuel cells for our gadgets; Sony has developed a new technology that it says could help produce the world's most efficient DMFC (direct methanol fuel cell) yet.

  • NTT advances quantum crypto key distribution

    In what could be a step forward in the development of quantum cryptography systems, a Japanese laboratory has demonstrated that it can send quantum keys through an optical switch designed for normal optical communications.

  • PS3 gets better tools for better games

    Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) has promised better hardware and software tools to help developers make games for the company's upcoming PlayStation 3 games console, the company said last week.

  • Virus scanner bug cost Trend $10.7 million

    Tokyo-based anti-virus software vendor Trend Micro said that a bug in its own software that affected thousands of customers has cost the company YEN 903 million (AU$10.7 million). The issue has also forced it to lower its revenue and profit forecasts for the April to June quarter, the company said Thursday.

  • Mobile phone fuel cells coming in 2007

    A fuel cell technology that will offer a quick fix for dead or dying mobile phone batteries looks as if its going to be available for millions of people for the first time in the world in Japan in 2007, Japan's two biggest mobile communications carriers said Wednesday at the Wireless Japan 2005 Expo.

  • Rambus believes PS3 will drive faster memory

    Memory technology developer Rambus hopes the widely-anticipated graphics performance of the upcoming PlayStation 3 (PS3) games console will push PC makers to adopt the company's technology, Rambus CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Harold Hughes said in an interview last week.

  • Rambus promises faster memory technology

    Rambus has souped up its memory technology to let memory chips talk to graphics processors much more quickly than they do today. The technology should lead to better pictures from games consoles and high-end PCs, the company said Thursday.

  • New Japanese operator plans WiMax network

    A new Japanese telecommunications carrier plans to launch a national wireless network by the end of 2006 that will offer voice and data services using the emerging WiMax network technology combined with city-based WLANs (wireless LANs), a company backing the carrier said on Wednesday.