Stories by Simon Taylor

  • Software group seeks role in Microsoft case

    The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) has asked to be allowed to make arguments against Microsoft in part of its appeal against last year's antitrust ruling against it by the European Union's competition authority, the European Commission, an FSFE attorney said Thursday.

  • EU will vote on software patents rules on Wednesday

    Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will take the next crucial step in a four-year-long battle over software patents within the European Union (E.U.) on Wednesday, when they hold a decisive vote on a proposed E.U. law, or directive, on computer-implemented inventions (CII). The proposal has been dubbed the "software patent directive" by its opponents.

  • Judge to reach Microsoft decision by Christmas

    The European Union judge deciding whether Microsoft will have to reform its business practices will continue to take into account arguments made by Novell and a prominent technology industry group, despite settlements reached between Microsoft and those two parties earlier this month, a Microsoft spokesman said Thursday.

  • EU clears Oracle bid for PeopleSoft

    The European Commission has given the green light to the proposed Oracle acquisition of PeopleSoft, European Union (E.U.) Competition Commissioner Mario Monti said Tuesday.

  • Delay to Munich's Linux move only "few weeks"

    The Munich city administration has said that it expects its planned migration to Linux to be delayed by only a few weeks as the impact of proposed European Union software patenting legislation is examined.