Stories by Frank Hayes

  • CrackBerry No More?

    Sometime in the next few days, the heads of BlackBerry users will explode. Like zombies, they'll roam blindly, thumbs still twitching as their headless bodies wander the streets searching in vain for messages that never come -- all this because Research In Motion's addictive wireless e-mail service has been turned off due to a patent dispute.

  • Invisible encryption

    Why didn't this happen sooner? Seagate Technology has just announced a hard disk drive for laptops and other mobile devices that automatically encrypts all data as it goes into and comes out of the drive. Result: Nothing on the drive is accessible unless you know the password. If you lose your laptop with a drive like this installed, that's all you lose. The data is safe from prying eyes -- a thief can't even boot it up.

  • Pyrrhic victory

    For Microsoft, the good news in the recent appeals court decision in US vs. Microsoft was that it won't be broken up anytime soon, and that it will never have to face Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson in court again. The bad news was that the court confirmed Microsoft has a monopoly with Windows, and it repeatedly violated the Sherman Act to maintain that monopoly.

  • Tcl man has written the script

    John Ousterhout, creator of Tcl and CEO of US-based Scriptics, answered some questions from IDG's Frank Hayes about the strengths and weaknesses of his brain-child