Stories by Derrick Story

  • Review: Canon PowerShot N is a pint-size powerhouse

    The Canon PowerShot N will fit in your pocket - just about any pocket, in fact. But so will an iPhone. So why would you capture your next Facebook posting with the PowerShot N instead? That's the $US300 question. And the answer may lie within its features.

  • Share photos from your DSLR, no computer required

    Mobile photography doesn't have to mean a compromise in image quality. You can shoot Raw files with your DSLR, and use your handy iPad to quickly, easily publish web-friendly JPEGs to social networks while on the go. And you don't need the super-expensive 128GB iPad to do this. In fact, I use a humble 16GB iPad mini for this workflow. Impossible you say? Pshaw, not at all.

  • Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera offers rich feature set, fine design, and excellent image quality

    Olympus reached back to its design roots when crafting the new OM-D E-M5 micro four thirds camera. The original OM line of film SLRs was known for its rich feature set and stylish, compact design. Now, released as a digital body, the first offering in the new OM-D line is the E-M5. Based on my initial testing, both in the lab and the field, this latest generation is destined to achieve even greater glory than the original.

  • Creating a cloud-based backup for your image library

    Creating your own cloud storage system doesn’t require a degree in computer science. But it does help to choose the right equipment. A number of companies are offering network-capable hard drives that work nicely for photo backup and remote access. These network appliances typically house a couple of drives, basic server software, and an Ethernet connector. And since you don’t have to wire these units directly to a computer, they can be housed anywhere you have power and a connection to the Internet.