Stories by Bluey Royal

  • Wireless in the wild

    For those of you who thought wireless technology was not penetrating the market, think again. It has penetrated deep, deep into the country. In fact, it can't penetrate any deeper.

  • Please, please ... no gifts

    It's a hard life in the channel. Provided you have the capacity to sell a bit of volume, you can expect to be bombarded with vendor gifts at this time of year.

  • Marketing goes to the dogs

    Sony has unwrapped its latest Aibo entertainment robot, a futuristic canine-looking model that doesn't appear to be as well-bred as previous versions.

  • XP funnies

    The following are some of the more notable memories from the launch of Microsoft's new operating system, Windows XP:

  • Man keeps rebate!

    A Sydney man has left his new computer sitting unused in his office to ensure he does not have to repay the manufacturer a $50 rebate he scored when purchasing the machine.

  • Horizontal markets and pyramid schemes

    Here at ARN we are always keen to present our readers with opportunities in the market. We figure that if you grow, we grow. So we are always on the look-out for innovative new ideas. Yes, that's right, we think outside the square.

  • Research Plus shows vision

    Tabloid would like to offer its kudos for a moment to Research Plus, a software developer that recently lent its skills free of charge to the Fred Hollows Foundation.

  • Gamers smash LAN record

    South Australia has swept aside Western Australia and New South Wales to take the top place in LAN gaming.

  • We're riddled by insecurity

    Australia's information security is caught in the "Dark Ages". This was the message from one Ditmar Brugman, a Netherlands-based security consultant, upon visiting our friendly shores.

  • Ask a kiwi...

    The collapse of Gateway in Australia and New Zealand may have left a few of us scratching our heads, but so did the explanation put forward by analysts.

  • What's in an asterix?

    IBM's latest brochure (pictured), which appears in most of Australia's major dailies, has been keeping quite a few resellers up at night. It is only after your average punter has read everything available on buying direct that the vendor offers the option of "find[ing] your nearest reseller*".

  • Altruists show up ruthless giant

    Tabloid can think of at least two events in the last fortnight that proved to be public relations disasters for the world's largest software companies.

  • Siltek isolates mad cows

    Siltek's eagerness to wash its hands of former Prion staff (Michael Bosnar's recent parting saw off one of the last Prion staffers at the distie) may have been for a good reason. There are some suggestions it may be for health reasons.