Stories by Cameron Crouch

  • Microsoft admits hack attacks

    A series of attacks on the network of software behemoth Microsoft last week has again highlighted just how far security is coming to the fore as an enterprise issue. Poor network operation may be the source of Microsoft's initial site failures early in the week, but a denial-of-service attack by outsiders caused a resurgence on Thursday in site blackouts.

  • Netscape 6 set to go

    Netscape fans can exhale; a beta release of Netscape 6 premieres on Tuesday at Internet World in Los Angeles.

  • The personal Web comes to your phone

    The Web-enabled phone is great in theory, but you may go blind browsing on a 2 inch display to find out the latest scores of your favourite team. MobileID might have an answer. Launched last week, MobileID is a personalised wireless portal where you can set up the content you want to receive and how you want it to look on cell phones supporting the wireless application protocol.