Stories by Marnie King

  • GST CLINIC: Winners and losers

    GST confusion has not been limited to food items - far from it. Take, for example, companies performing services here in Australia for non-resident organisations.

  • GST CLINIC: Too soon for congratulations!

    Listening to the Government congratulating the Australian people on their successful acceptance of the GST, one could be forgiven for believing that the problems concerning its implementation are over. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is the active role to be played by business in the coming months that will determine the real success of its implementation. Some of the current signs, particularly in the case of small business, are not encouraging.


    Inequities and inconsistencies abound in the new tax system

  • Beware the cat amongst the pigeons!

    While the computer industry is busy trying to profit from the introduction of the GST, it should be aware of the sting in its tail. The introduction of a GST in New Zealand was the death knell for many computer resellers in that country. It will certainly level the playing field between those resellers in this country avoiding their sales tax obligations and those that are not. Organisations that have only been competitive on the basis of unfair sales tax practices will need to re-engineer their marketing approach or go out of business.