Stories by Rebecca Munro and Tom Allen

  • Pfeiffer's shock exit rocks the channel

    Eckhard Pfeiffer's forced resignation as chief executive officer of Compaq, amidst recriminations by the board for poor Q4 results, has stunned the IT and business community and again raised doubts about Compaq's future commitment to the channel. "Pfeiffer has had an excellent innings as CEO since 1991, but in a very dynamic industry, it's obviously time for Compaq to have a new CEO with a fresh approach," said Integrand Solutions managing director David Hayman.

  • Responses to Compaq thunderbolt

    "We didn't cover ourselves in glory in the last quarter of last year. We let our customers and resellers down by not being able to predict when they would be getting products. Compaq needs to be aware of how we can add value and be responsible to the customers' requirements. At the moment we are not geared to do this. "We have always told our resellers that they shouldn't rely on Compaq margin to fund their growth, they must be prepared to add value." Ian Penman, managing director, Compaq Australia