Stories by Jason Snell

  • OPINION: The App culture

    Back in the day, downloading software over the Internet and installing it was only for the most techy among us. Paying for that software was even more outlandish. But since Apple launched the App Store in 2008, users of the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad have discovered that shopping for, downloading, and even paying for software isn’t just easy, but fun.

  • Comics for iPhone and iPad

    It turns out that the iPad’s a <a href="">pretty good device</a> for reading comic books. While graphic novels are now <a href="">making their way to the iBookstore</a>, the most popular way to read books on the iPad is via Comixology’s <a href="">Comics</a> app. Version 3.0 of Comics is a major update that boosts performance, improves the user interface, and embraces the huge volume of digital comics being released now.

  • COMMENT: Windows 8, iOS, and the future

    On Tuesday, Microsoft offered many more details about its next-generation operating system, Windows 8, to an audience of developers and invited media at its Build conference in Anaheim, California. I was present at the initial Windows 8 unveiling a few months ago, and came away impressed but disappointed.