Stories by Len Rust

  • Mobile data services come of age

    Although voice and SMS messaging still dominate the use of mobile phones, there is now increasing activity beyond this. It has taken a time, but use of mobile data services (MDS) is now disseminating beyond a small number of high level users to the wider market, according to the Wireless Data Services Study 2007.

  • The change journey

    No company is immune from economic shifts. It's been a big talking point over the past few months; concerns about economic conditions and their impact on IT budgets have led some leading analysts to predict downturns in the purchasing of computers, software, and services.

  • Aussies Worth Watching

    The spotlight falls on Elk Software, EBall Games, Fundi Software, Web and Flo, Emaginet, and Bcode

  • Australian server market powers past $1 billion mark

    The amount spent on servers in Australia during 2007 broke through the $US1 billion dollar mark to $US1.001 billion, according to IDC. The 17 per cent increase in Australia's server spending was the strongest annual growth since 1996.

  • Aussie, NZ consumers happy to dump bad suppliers

    More than half of the consumers surveyed in a recent customer experience report have ceased buying products and services from a company due to poor customer service, and a high number felt that the supplier didn't know it had lost their business. Only half of the companies aware of the loss of business had attempted to win the business back, the survey found.

  • Converged threats catch IT managers

    Only 33 per cent of IT managers in Australia and New Zealand consider the convergence and sophistication of online threats to be the biggest threat to security systems according to research carried out for MessageLabs, by Galaxy.

  • The greening of the data centre

    It seems that almost all leading organisations in the IT arena are clamouring to establish their green and environmentally friendly credentials -- especially the purchasing of IT products.

  • Aussies worth watching

    Source Dynamix, Impact Investing, Charismatek Software Metrics, M2 Telecommunications, Challenger Momentum, and ARC Research come under the microscope

  • Make way for the new hotspots

    Move over Bangalore. Step aside Shanghai. The Indian and Chinese cities' status as the hottest spots for information technology and manufacturing development may be ending. According to a recently released report, American cities like Madera and Elmira are emerging hot locations for development.

  • Executive demand in Australia hits new lows

    Demand for executives in Australia has fallen to its lowest level since 2006, according to EL Consult's Executive Demand Index, an indicator of general employment and economic activity in Australia. The index has fallen a further six per cent this month, the eighth fall in the last nine months.

  • Money hard to make from digital media

    The most hotly debated topic in the digital media industry is how to make money and it is to the entertainment sector that many involved in the industry are directing their focus.

  • A mixed quarter

    Overall, IT business leaders are an optimistic bunch. Although the industry is maturing and changing dramatically, most feel they will emerge from this transition successfully. It is difficult, though, to read a newspaper or browse the Internet, or even turn on TV without finding commentary, opinion, gossip, or rumours about all kinds of issues.

  • Aussies Worth Watching

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