Stories by Rebecca Shaw

  • Let PC entertain you

    The PC games market has experienced steady growth over the past year in terms of units shipped, driven largely by the impressive advancements in gaming technology, online gaming and more affordable pricing for consumers. However, it is coming under increasing pressure from the rapidly expanding console market and the adoption of broadband which is allowing consumers to download illegal games copies with relative ease. Nevertheless resellers are optimistic that this year’s PC games releases will be a big hit during the Christmas holiday shopping season.

  • MFDs: The shining star

    With a 338 per cent growth rate and better margins than their single-function cousins, multifunction inkjets are a key growth market at the moment. But the addition of new models this month will increase distribution across channels and margin erosion will set in rapidly thereafter. REBECCA SHAW investigates whether MFDs are destined to follow inkjet printers.

  • The usual suspects

    The UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) market is not renowned for its velocity, but sales are growing steadily fuelled by all the usual culprits — increased awareness, the rapid degradation of the national power grid, high profile outages in New York and Italy, a few lucrative niches here and there, and incremental product developments.

  • The brand without a name

    While the local PC market as a whole has recorded strong growth in volume sales over the past 12 months, the whitebox PC segment is outstripping the brand name PC sector in terms of growth and continues to win an even greater slice of the market.