Stories by David Haskin

  • Ultraportable laptops: Their rise and possible fall

    For some users, the new generation of ultraportable notebooks comes close to embodying the Holy Grail for road warriors. Their laptop-like keyboards make them more usable for typing tasks than smart phones, but they are lighter and cheaper than traditional laptops. The original Asus Eee PC, for instance, cost about US$400 and weighed about two pounds when it was introduced last October.

  • A trickle into the enterprise

    It might not be long before you see District of Columbia police officers reaching into their pockets and pulling out iPhones -- in the line of duty. The city is field-testing Apple's phone and is considering distributing the devices to as many as 1,000 employees, including police officers.

  • HP's 2133 Mini-Note takes on the Eee PC

    Last year, Asustek's Eee PC became a surprise hit by providing far more power and usability than a smart phone for light-traveling road warriors with far less expense and bulk than a traditional laptop. HP's new 2133 Mini-Note PC goes even further, providing a bigger, brighter screen and a host of other advantages that could make the device a mainstream hit.

  • Big device offers strong media player value

    In a world in which gadgets are getting ever-smaller, SanDisk's new Sansa View is, strangely, significantly larger than both its competitors and its own predecessor, the company's Sansa e200 line of media players.

  • What went wrong with the mobile Web?

    Futurists and industry analysts have long predicted the ascent of the mobile Web, in which people can traverse the Web using smart phones as easily and fruitfully as they can at their desktops. But almost three years after 3G networks became widely available, few are using it to access the Web with their phones.

  • Coffee shop toys: The future of wireless Web apps

    It's the ideal coffee shop toy for music lovers: A wireless media player that connects directly to an online music service. Besides the usual playback capabilities, the device's built-in Wi-Fi enables you to play Internet radio. If you hear a song you like, you can press a button to download it, the album the track is from or a mix of similar songs.

  • Is there a teeny next-gen laptop in your future?

    An old business saying advises: "Find a need and fill it." That's the impulse behind a new group of mobile devices that, while having varying capabilities, have this in common: They are sized and priced between smart phones and traditional laptops.

  • The new world of unified communications

    Industry pundits say we'll soon live in a world in which the network tells us where someone is located, how best to make contact and, after making contact, support collaboration and access to data from anywhere. The solution: unified communications.

  • Prepare for more mobile security threats now

    Mobile security threats are a relatively minor annoyance to a handful of users in Europe and Asia. However, conditions are rapidly ripening for these threats to start overwhelming both companies and individual users in North America.