Stories by Computerworld Staff

  • Best of BI Editor's Choice Awards 2012

    For a charitable organization, boosting donations is the holy grail. For a trucking company, the goal is to increase driver productivity without sacrificing safety. And at a cancer treatment center, improving patient health is the top priority. But whatever the goal, the 10 organizations spotlighted in Computerworld's first-ever Best of BI Editor's Choice Awards have learned how to get the valuable insights they need from their data using business intelligence and analytics tools.

  • No big shift to the cloud for unified communications and collaboration

    The 2012 IDG Enterprise Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) survey highlights the uptick in UC&C adoption and investments in the coming 3 years -- specifically in enterprise organizations -- demonstrating the value organizations place on technologies that enable consistent and connected communications between employees, customers and partners. Numerous triggers including social media and collaboration are contributing to the uptick in investments, however the proliferation of consumer devices is seen as the biggest trigger -- 74% of enterprise organization are accelerating UC&C plans because of consumer devices.

  • Employees rate satisfaction, security and stress

    Some 60% of the IT workers surveyed reported being asked to take on new tasks and boost their productivity, and slightly more than half (51%) said that they feel underpaid based on their role and responsibility. Still, the vast majority (81%) are satisfied or very satisfied that they chose a career in IT. (Base: 4,337 IT professionals)

  • Hands on with Windows Server 8 beta

    Leap Day brought with it the chance to download the beta release of the next version of Microsoft's server platform, along with the <a href="">Windows 8 Consumer Preview</a> and first looks at the next versions of the company's developer software. Then, this morning, Microsoft <a href="">announced the new features and enhancements</a> that have made it into the server beta, which <a href="">you can download here</a> .