Stories by Richard Noone

  • Damgaard bags first channel partner

    After setting up shop in Australia last month, ERP software vendor Damgaard has launched its local operations by signing its first channel partner in the form of integrated solutions.

  • Allaire partners with Compaq for Web app development

    Web application and server software developer Allaire has signed a strategic partnership with Compaq in a bid to deliver an integrated hardware and software platform for the development of enterprise and e-commerce Web applications.

  • Web content management made simple

    Local online application developer and Internet services company Chromium last week launched a Web editing product that it claims is so simple to use that even a CEO could manipulate the contents of a Web page.

  • What's happening with Y2K?

    The millennium bug may be upon businesses sooner than they have planned for according to a recent Gartner Group report. With this in mind developers are fast forwarding the creation of a slew of products to counter the looming threat and governments are rushing through legislation to control the undercurrent of uncertainty in the Australian economy

  • Alcatel launches voice/data solution

    Releasing its latest-generation medium-to-large enterprise communications solution, networking developer Alcatel has unveiled the 4400 IP - Private Communications Exchange (PCX), for integrated voice/data networks. A company spokesperson for Alcatel claims the combination of its strength in the call centre market and the dominance of recently acquired Xylan in LAN switching enables Alcatel to offer enterprises a fully unified voice and data networking solution.

  • ACCPAC sacks distributor, appoints 1World

    A failure to meet sales targets and match international growth has seen accounting vendor ACCPAC International (AI) dump sole distributor MicroChannel for Sealcorp subsidiary 1World. ACCPAC International business partner account manager Kim Olson said: "1World's strength in market segment distribution and its ability to assist our business partners increase sales in the local marketplace was the main reason for awarding this distributorship".

  • New Web site brings prices to a Razor point

    Attempting to pool the resources of online computer retailers, a 19-year-old university student and part-time Web developer has created a one-stop shop for consumers to seek out the best prices for their hardware components. The result of this initiative is a new search engine called Razor Prices (www.razorprices.wcq., which involves retailers listing prices, by product type, on the Web site with links to their homepages should the customer choose.

  • Alcatel launches voice/data solution

    Releasing its latest generation medium to large enterprise communications solution, networking developer Alcatel has unveiled the 4400 IP - Private Communications Exchange (PCX), for integrated voice/data networks.

  • Alcatel to sack 12,000

    Hot off the heels of its acquisition of networking specialist Xylan, Alcatel has announced it will cut 12,000 jobs over the next two years in a bid to streamline the company's changing business structure.

  • Business-to-business online tendering is here

    Canvassing business via the Internet is set to take off, with an alliance announced recently between software developer Online Tendering Network (OTN) Australia and information services company IHS Australia, to set up a business-to-business tendering network across the Web. The online service will see registered buyers preparing a purchasing enquiry using the OTN software, which is passed on to the relevant suppliers across the Web via the OTN network. Suppliers then respond with bids, which are transmitted back to the original buyer.

  • Micrografx launch enterprise attack

    Graphics software developer Micrografx has announced a new business strategy targeting the enterprise market with the launch of iGrafx System, a range of next-generation graphics tools for the enterprise market.