Stories by Elizabeth de Bony

  • EU opens inquiry into Windows 2000

    The European Commission announced has launched a preliminary inquiry into allegations that Microsoft has introduced new elements into Windows 2000 designed to help it expand its dominance, in an anti-competitive manner, from desktop PC operating systems to other areas, notably servers.

  • Software to get EU patent protection

    By mid-year, the European Commission will propose legislation granting patent protection to computer programs across the European Union, a Commission official said last week. "Currently, 13,000 patents out of the total 70,000 filed each year [with the European Patent Office in Munich] touch on computer programs," a Commission official who asked not to be identified said at a press briefing. The proposal would harmonise national rules and practices to allow software companies to obtain effective patent protection. "We want to clarify what can and cannot be patented," the official said.