Stories by Rebecca Munro

  • Keycorp gets $12.6 million boost from Govt

    In an attempt to advance its Privacy Host program, smart card and e-commerce developer Keycorp has secured a $12.6 million grant and loan package from the Federal Government. Launched last year, the Government's R&D Start program encourages businesses who believe they have an innovative and commercially viable product to apply for a piece of the $200 million pie. And according to Keycorp's corporate communications manager Ian Stead, Keycorp did just that.

  • Australia to adopt parallel import system for software?

    The Australian Consumer Association is pushing for the abolition of import and distribution restrictions on software in response to a survey conducted indicating Australian companies and consumers are paying too much for software products.

  • South Mark continues to dominate tertiary market

    Melbourne systems integrators, South Mark Solutions has continued to dominate the educational networking market with a contract to install Australia's first tertiary Gigabit Ethernet backbone at The Box Hill Institute.

  • One-stop bill shop

    Electronic billing has hit Australian shores with the emergence of e-BILL, a subsidiary of outsource billing service provider HPA. This is in response to an increasing desire from major billing services to satisfy a client's need to pay all bills on the one site, claims Rob Charlton, general manager of e-BILL.

  • Daisytek appointed as Emtec distributor

    Starting in mid-February the Australian channel can expect be see even more of distributor Daisytek as it takes up the position of Emtec distributor and adds to its collection of products in the BASF range.

  • Oracle to fund innovative developers

    In a bid to stimulate the development of innovative Oracle-based products and services around the world, Oracle recently announced it has set up a $US100 million fund to help developers using Oracle8i for their applications.

  • UNISYS People profit from skills shortage

    IT recruitment company UNISYS People is gloating over its first-year profit of $15 million, posted despite both the serious scepticism of industry commentators and the massive skills shortages facing the global IT industry. According to chief executive officer Monty Sachdev, the apparent avalanche of dire issues that must be conquered, such as the millennium bug, euro conversion and, closer to home, the looming GST, have successfully propelled UNISYS People into the competitive recruitment and service industries.

  • BASScom to be a Specialix reseller

    Western Australian reseller BASScom last week signed a prestigious deal with network developers Specialix to provide its full range of multi-user, network connectivity and remote access solutions.

  • Network computing benefits limited: study

    A Deloitte and Touche investigation for the Queensland Government has concluded that network computing is beneficial only to certain applications and should not be considered as a viable alternative to all PC environments. The study was conducted by Queensland-based integrators NC Data, Southmark and Tektronix in an attempt to establish a clear comparison between the "fat PC" and network computing, including issues of cost, relevance of a network to particular circumstances and application and support demands.

  • Selenium shares e-commerce risk with Greater Union

    Australian Internet developer Selenium Interactive has turned a cold call to Greater Union into an ambitious three-year contract to design and develop the cinema company's new Web site, and in an innovative move manage and market the site simultaneously.

  • EISA offers packaged Internet deal

    Australian Internet service provider EISA has capitalised on the growing demand for Internet services and cheap PCs by bundling the two together as a "family pack" and offering it to small businesses and home users.

  • SITA and IBM alliance good for channel

    The aligning of SITA and IBM to provide systems integration, management and consultative services to airports will create some excellent opportunities for local channel partners to contribute to the complex process.

  • ATC Supplies and Compact merge

    ATC Supplies and Compact Computer Supplies have merged under the banner of ATC Compact, hoping to provide the corporate and government market with high-end storage media solutions, PCs and peripherals. Both companies were purchased by the Blue Star Group in 1997 and the alignment is intended to create an organisation that can provide more diverse services and product on a national level, minus the duplication that had previously occurred.

  • GST compliance becomes another major Y2K burden

    Advanced Software Engineering (ASE) is warning Australian companies that the limited vision they have of Y2K conversion as being the sole dilemma facing IT departments is unrealistic and dangerous in the face of the upcoming goods and services tax (GST). Bruce Nixon, managing director of ASE, is adamant that unless businesses start to develop solutions to include the GST in their application logic now, it will be too late to undergo the transformation of such a complex system.