Stories by Rebecca Munro

  • NEC reports massive losses

    NEC is facing record losses for the current financial year, ending on March 31, and is having to come to terms with the consequent resignation of current chairman Hisashi Kaneko.

  • VARs move into the LAN arena

    LAN Systems announced this week the extension of its service program with the creation of PremierPlus Service, a response to the emergence of value added resellers in the networking arena.

  • Ferrari revs up new Prion partnership

    Prion has been appointed distributor for Traxdata's fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and to announce its expansion into new markets Traxdata is giving away a Ferrari to one lucky customer.

  • Company 29 closes its doors

    After 19 years Melbourne Compaq distributor Company 29 is closing its doors before it gets completely overwhelmed by the scramble to establish a rationalised Compaq channel.

  • Apple defies gravity, goes up

    Apple computer appears to have rebounded back into the PC market according to a recent Gartner Group survey that placed it in the top five PC companies in Australia.

  • Ergonomic opportunity

    In the era of the health-conscious and liability-aware executive the ergonomic industry is in boom mode. But as the market slowly matures, resellers are going to experience a squeeze on margins as big vendors enter the fray. Rebecca Munro investigates how to get the most out of the ergonomic market.

  • Industry booming despite skills shortage

    The IT industry is in boom mode according to recruitment firm Morgan & Banks' latest quarterly job index, with the IT skills shortage creating the most dramatic movement in contractual and temporary work. Information garnered from over 3206 employers nationally suggest that 59.1 per cent of Australian IT firms are predicting that they will hire more staff, with only 3.4 per cent intending to downsize. This is in comparison to a general industry average of 23.8 per cent.

  • BMC attracts a flurry of partners

    BMC Software has announced a rush of developer partners to help it successfully break into the hot e-commerce and Internet markets with a range of new products and initiatives. Parallel with the launch of its recently released ASA solutions for e-commerce, BMC has strengthened its Patrol Developer Network (PDN) which, according to national marketing manager Simon Price, will add value to its product range and distribution channels.

  • No decisions yet on Compaq channel rationalisation

    Despite much industry speculation, Compaq has not yet decided on the number of distributors or direct resellers it will settle on as it moves to rationalise its channel in the coming month. "People are still filling out questionnaires and being interviewed. There have been no decisions on numbers made yet," said Anne Eckert, communications manager at Compaq. John Perkins, managing director of Balanced IT Services, said there has always been a set of criteria that would define the future Compaq channel.

  • Southmark installs first uni Gbit network

    Southmark Solutions, a Melbourne-based systems integrator, has continued its success in the tertiary educational networking market with a contract to install Australia's first university Gigabit Ethernet backbone at The Box Hill Institute. Leveraging its previous relationship as Box Hill's preferred partner, Southmark gained the contract last year and is close to completing the installation of the Cisco switches and routers for over 1000 desktops.

  • SME's needs still not addressed

    Only days after the Good Samaritan Law was introduced to protect companies from business disruptions and legal consequences of Y2K, criticism has come from network integrators Active Australia. It is claiming government and industry bodies are unnecessarily complicating global issues small businesses are facing, by either ignoring the sector entirely or coding solutions too technically.

  • Morgan & Banks: IT industry is booming

    The IT industry is in boom mode according to recruitment firm Morgan & Banks' latest quarterly job index, with the IT skills shortage creating the most dramatic movement in contractual and temporary work.

  • ServiceNet launches data centre

    Networking specialist ServiceNet has made a foray into the Australian "netsourcing" market with the launch of its Sydney data centre last week and the immediate signing of a deal with Andersen Consulting to operate its Lotus Notes infrastructure and operations. According to ServiceNet's president and CEO, John Whiteside, its initial deal with Andersen covers installation, management and maintenance of a network infrastructure and the consequent delivery of business solutions.

  • Compaq moves to boost its direct online sales

    Moves by Compaq to boost its ability to sell directly over the Web have been greeted without much fuss from resellers contacted by ARN last week. The resellers claim that they were already revamping their business models to counter such threats by carving out niches as service providers.

  • Small business opportunity there for the taking

    Despite a history of misunderstanding and antagonism between the channel and small business, resellers are finally starting to gain dividends in this market by carving a niche in the service end of the sector. Rebecca Munro investigates.