Stories by Matthew Broersma

  • Rootkit withdrawn from sale

    The author of the Hacker Defender rootkit, known by the handle "holy_father," said he has ended a paid service offering routes around anti-virus and anti-rootkit programs. Hacker Defender, an open-source, user-mode Windows rootkit, had become famous among security researchers and is one of the most widely deployed rootkits in the wild, according to F-Secure.

  • Stallman sets out GPL changes

    Richard Stallman, author of the GNU General Public License -- the most widely used open source licence -- has said that the upcoming GPL version 3 would not be "huge."

  • Another one for WiMedia in UWB war

    The battle over short-range, high-speed wireless technology Ultra Wideband (UWB) has entered a new phase with the announcement by CSR, a major Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chip maker, that it will back one of the two competing UWB standards.

  • Hitachi develops thin chip

    Hitachi says it has developed the world's smallest and thinnest chip, just a fraction of the thickness of paper. The chip, which exists in working prototype form, is aimed at wireless ID applications.

  • Skype figures don't add up

    Skype, once by far the dominant IP telephony service, has had its market share cut in half over the past year, according to a new study from network monitoring firm Sandvine.

  • Google aims more appliances at business users

    Google has bulked up its Mini line of search appliances, a year after the product's initial introduction. The two new appliances, aimed at medium-sized businesses, follow on from what the company calls a year of skyrocketing sales for Google Mini.

  • Flaws in Windows trail open-source vulnerabilities

    US-CERT recorded more than 5,000 security vulnerabilities in 2005, with nearly half of the total affecting the Linux, Unix and Unix-based Mac OS X platforms. Linux/Unix bugs outnumbered Windows flaws by nearly three to one, according to US-CERT.

  • Sober worm cracked

    Finnish security firm F-Secure has cracked a code used by the Sober worm, potentially allowing the company to block the worm from receiving updates.

  • Apple releases patch for 13 flaws

    Apple has warned that the Mac OS X operating system contains 13 security flaws, some of them highly serious. The company issued a cumulative patch for the bugs on Wednesday.